Dandanell Bike Rental


Do you know who we are - see video below

Dandanell Bike Rental are Gitte and Brian from Denmark.

We have been using bikes as our primary way to fitness for many years.

Brian has been a professional track cyclist for many years and has been working on professional bicycle teams in management, coaching and material specialist.

He is educated Master Coach and he is coaching athletes on road and track.

Company information:

Dandanell Bike Rental Aps

Dandanell Bike Rental, Mallorca S.L.
07313 Selva

NIF B57851743

Phone: +45 52309313
Phone Mallorca: +34 605 158 717 (only accessible when we are in Spain)
Email: info@dandanellbikerental.com

Bank: Sydbank
Bank konto (Dkk)  nr.: 6060 1149127 IBAN nr. DK6760600001149127 SWIFT kode: SYBKDK22
Bank konto (Euro) nr.: 6060 9695436 IBAN nr. DK1760600009695436 SWIFT kode: SYBKDK22